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Editorial Note Autumn Issue


Jorge Constantino ,

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Bent Bos,

Myra Colis


The Board of Amsterdam Law Forum (ALF) hereby proudly presents the third and last issue published by its current editorial team. In this 2022 Autumn Issue, we are pleased to present three diverse and enriching articles. We introduce two peer-reviewed articles covering migration law and colonisation, and human-oversight of high-risk AI systems in public organisations. Our third paper is an opinion article that discusses Dutch temporary protection visas for refugees from the Ukrainian-Russian war. All these papers are the result of the combined efforts of authors, editors, and peer reviewers.
How to Cite: Constantino, J., Bos, B. and Colis, M., 2022. Editorial Note Autumn Issue. Amsterdam Law Forum, 14(3), p.2.
Published on 07 Nov 2022.


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