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Editorial Note Summer Issue


Myra Colis ,

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Jorge Constantino

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The Board of Amsterdam Law Forum (ALF) hereby proudly presents the second issue published by its current editorial team. In this 2022 Summer Issue, we are pleased to introduce three articles in total. The first one is a peer-reviewed article that provides an analysis of the eighteenth-century prize systems and their role in the dynamics of the slave trade. The second one is an opinion article concerning the European Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), and the third one is a Special Collection presenting a Report on blockchain in relation with the well-being of societies. We are proud of the combined efforts of authors, editors, and peer reviewers that made these three articles possible, enabling ALF to continuously bring high quality contributions to our academic community.

Keywords: Editorial Note
How to Cite: Colis, M. and Constantino, J., 2022. Editorial Note Summer Issue. Amsterdam Law Forum, 14(2), p.2. DOI:
Published on 31 Aug 2022.


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