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Reading: Trading Privacy for Security


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Trading Privacy for Security


Rob Van den Hoven van Genderen

Law Faculty of the VU, Amsterdam, NL
About Rob
Rob van den Hoven van Genderen is associate professor at the Computer Law Institute. He has published articles and books on IT and law and has been chairman of the Netherlands Informatics and Law Association for more ten years. Further he has been board member in the telecommunication industry and is advisor for the Council of Europe, United Nations and the Nato Scientific Council on this issue. He is also advisor and associate to Switchlegal lawyers in Amsterdam.
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Personal information is available to anyone, anywhere at anytime. That includes the data subject itself, commercial users, social networks, governmental authorities and also parties with illegal intentions. Is the availability to authorities of our personal data necessary for the protection of our national security and protection against computer-criminality? Can we be certain that the processing of our personal data is done for solely legitimate purposes? And are we certain that our personal data is well protected when being processed? ...and do we really care? In this article Rob van den Hoven van Genderen discusses these issues.

How to Cite: Van den Hoven van Genderen, R., 2009. Trading Privacy for Security. Amsterdam Law Forum, 1(4), pp.95–102. DOI:
Published on 30 Aug 2009.
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