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Reading: Justice, Peace and Jus Post Bellum


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Justice, Peace and Jus Post Bellum


Steven James Barela ,

Global Studies Institute; University of Geneva, CH
About Steven James
Steven J. Barela is an Assistant Professor and a member of the Law Faculty.
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Alexis Keller

Faculty of Law at the University of Geneva, CH
About Alexis

Professor Alexis Keller is the Director of the Department of Legal History

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In view of the more recent wave of academic literature on justice in the wake of armed conflict, or jus post bellum, it is an appropriate moment to examine what has been put forward and to evaluate where this concept stands for the global community today. Each of the three books discussed here, in their own distinctive way, provides us with fresh analysis of the principles that should govern post-war practices, and offer stimulating views on the problem of moving from a position of war to a position of peace and reconciliation. They also question the very possibility of achieving justice and restoring peace at the same time.

How to Cite: Barela, S.J. and Keller, A., 2015. Justice, Peace and Jus Post Bellum. Amsterdam Law Forum, 7(1), pp.98–107. DOI:
Published on 01 Jun 2015.


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