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Reading: Reality of Norms and Reality: A Reply to Fred Grünfeld


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Reality of Norms and Reality: A Reply to Fred Grünfeld


Michal Onderco

VU University Amsterdam, NL
About Michal
Michal Onderco is a doctoral researcher. His research deals with responses to norm deviance in international relations. He is a former editor and current member of the advisory board of this journal.
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In a previous issue of this journal Fred Grünfeld argues that while lawyers fail to take into account social reality once a legal norm has been determined, international relations scholars “skip the norm” and research social reality. On the basis of the subsequent demonstrations, Grünfeld contended (quite rightly) that lawyers and social scientists are not familiar with each other’s work, while studying the same phenomena, although in “different phases”. He, however, argues that such division should be kept in place and lawyers and social scientists should remain working separately. In this reply, I will address both the empirical elements of Grünfeld’s argument as well as his substantive argument of keeping the two disciplines separated.

How to Cite: Onderco, M., 2012. Reality of Norms and Reality: A Reply to Fred Grünfeld. Amsterdam Law Forum, 4(1), pp.143–149. DOI:
Published on 01 Dec 2012.
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