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Reading: Non-State Actors and Human Rights: The Case of Arms Manufacturers


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Non-State Actors and Human Rights: The Case of Arms Manufacturers


Gustavo Mauricio Bastien Olvera

Olof Palme Centre for Peace, Security and Development, SE
About Gustavo Mauricio
Gustavo Mauricio Bastien Olvera holds a B.A. in International Relations from the National University of Mexico and is currently studying to obtain a Master’s degree in Public International Law at Leiden University in the Netherlands. He has served as an Analyst for International Security at the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is currently working as a Researcher on Arms Control. He has served as a delegate to international meetings at the UN Headquarters in New York, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico City and The Hague.
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Irresponsible arms transfers, the illicit manufacturer and the use jeopardize human rights. Thus, it is important that future Arms Trade Treaty, to be concluded next year, addresses serious challenges related to arms transfers, such as the likeliness of these arms to be used to commit serious violations of human rights. For this purpose, this article will analyze the participation of arms manufacturers in the negotiation process taking into account the recent developments on international accountability of corporations regarding human rights.

How to Cite: Bastien Olvera, G.M., 2011. Non-State Actors and Human Rights: The Case of Arms Manufacturers. Amsterdam Law Forum, 3(3), pp.114–119. DOI:
Published on 01 Jun 2011.


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