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Reading: Critique of U.S. House Bill 2454 on Climate Change


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Critique of U.S. House Bill 2454 on Climate Change


Michael J. Waggoner

University of Colorado School of Law, US
About Michael J.
A.B. European History with Honors in Social Thought, Stanford University 1964, L.L.B. Harvard Law School with high honors 1967, Associate Professor. His recent articles on carbon taxes include Why and How to Tax Carbon, 20 COLO. J. INT’L ENVTL. L. & POL’Y 101(2009) and The House Erred: A Carbon Tax Is Better Than Cap and Trade, 124 TAX NOTES 1257 (2009).
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The U.S. House of Representatives, in June 2009, approved a bill to create a cap and trade system and a system of regulations and subsidies to address the problems of climate change. The U.S. Senate is now considering remedies for climate change. The approach of House Bill 2454 is ill-advised, and should be rejected by the Senate, because of the problems outlined below. I propose that these problems that would not be presented by a carbon tax, a simpler and more effective remedy for the risk of climate change.

How to Cite: Waggoner, M.J., 2010. Critique of U.S. House Bill 2454 on Climate Change. Amsterdam Law Forum, 2(2), pp.61–70. DOI:
Published on 21 Feb 2010.


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