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Reading: Investment in Social Sciences: Key to a Democratic Iran


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Investment in Social Sciences: Key to a Democratic Iran


Damon Golriz

The Hague University of Applied Science, NL
About Damon
Damon Golriz (1981) is born in Iran and lives since 1995 as a political refuge in The Netherlands. He is a lecturer and studies philosophy at the Leiden University.
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Advanced communication technologies, especially the Internet and its democratic power to make information accessible, make it possible to stay connected with everyone in the world. Through mediums of dialogue, such as the internet, young Iranians obtain knowledge about the institutionalized liberal democratic values of the West. In time, it will lead to adaptation of these values that could incrementally establish a democratic Iran. This new generation of liberal democrats would perceive the institutionalization of their values as their main objective, raising that priority higher than Iran’s nuclear program. Due to this development, the threat of a nuclear Iran would diminish.

How to Cite: Golriz, D., 2009. Investment in Social Sciences: Key to a Democratic Iran. Amsterdam Law Forum, 2(1), pp.87–92. DOI:
Published on 14 Dec 2009.


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