Vol 5, No 2 (2013)

Spring Issue

Table of Contents


2013 Amsterdam Law Forum Conference - Begging the Question PDF
Sander Couch 1-4

Scientific Articles

Humanitarian Assistance and the Conundrum of Consent: A Legal Perspective Untitled () PDF
Cedric Ryngaert 5-19
Conflicting Priorities? Issues of Gender Equality in South Africa's Customary Law PDF
Else Bavinck 20-44
The 1956 Hungarian Refugee Emergency, An Early and Instructive Case of Resettlement PDF
Marjoleine Zieck 45-63
Women's Reproductive Rights as a Political Price of Post-communist Transformation in Poland PDF
Joanna Diane Caytas 64-89
The Function of Dignity PDF
Stephen Riley 90-106

Opinion Articles

Privacy, Anonymity, and Cyber Security PDF
George R. Lucas 107-114
Re-opening the Door to the First Amendment PDF
Perry Keller 115-121
Aggression, Intervention and Powerful States: Missed Lessons from Feminist Methodologies on Peace and Security Issues PDF
Troy Lavers 122-138

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