Vol 2, No 4 (2010)

Drugs & the Law

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF HTML
Sofie Dreef, Marcel van Looij 2

Scientific Articles

Four decades of cannabis criminals in Canada: 1970-2010 PDF HTML
Patricia G. Erickson, Elaine Hyshka 14
Cops and dogs against party drugs PDF HTML
Ton Nabben 14
An economic perspective on the legalisation debate: the Dutch case PDF HTML
Martijn A. Boermans 18

Opinion Articles

Drug control in the 21st century - from private passion to systemic confusion PDF HTML
Axel Klein 12
Why strict drug laws work (and why they do not) PDF HTML
Timothy A. Hickman 4
Beyond angels and demons? The past, present, and future of drug abuse liability assessment PDF HTML
Joseph F. Spillane 6
Looking at the un, smelling a rat: a comment on 'Sweden's succesful drugs policy: a review of the evidence' PDF HTML
Peter Cohen 10

Discussion Section

International law as a political instrument in the case of Kosovo (1999-2010) PDF HTML
Jasper E. Bergink 14
Review: Views of a lifestyle: stories of opium and heroin addiction PDF HTML
Peter Cohen 12
Review: Het utopisme van de drugsbestrijding PDF HTML
Daan Keiman 12
Review: The wire PDF HTML
Inge Schilperoord 8
Review: Topkitsch en slow science: kritiek van de academische rede PDF HTML
Ype Max De Boer 6

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