“The Legacy of the ICTY and Continuing Importance of Tribunals” - A Documentary Viewing of “What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy” & A Talk by Judge Liu Daqun

Ariana Lopez


This commentary aims to review the importance of criminal tribunals through a documentary by Philippe Sands that looks into World War II and through a discussion with Judge Liu Daqun from the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). The documentary provides insight into two men that were heavily involved in the Nazi regime, but managed to receive differing treatment after the war. One was found guilty during the Nuremberg Trials and the other was never tried. Their sons grew with differing views of their father’s guilt. One son outwardly believes in the guilt of his father whereas the other fails to see the guilt of his father, despite Sands’ evidence, as no tribunal ever found him guilty. This brings out the important effect a criminal tribunal may have on the beliefs of the following generation. Judge Liu Daqun follows the documentary with a discussion on the importance of the ICTY in establishing individual criminal responsibility. The discussion and the documentary viewing took place in December 15, 2017 and this commentary will provide an overview of the event. 


International criminal law, : Judge Liu Daqun; ICTY; Philippe Sands; Nazi Legacy; Criminal Tribunals

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