Climate Policy: Quo Vadis?

Hans Labohm


This article starts from the premise that the man-made global warming hypothesis, which constitutes the scientific underpinning of the Kyoto Protocol, that expires in 2012, is fundamentally flawed. It nevertheless presents two scenarios of a possible ‘Son of Kyoto’: ‘Europe’s Alleingang’ and ‘World-Wide Kyoto Participation’. Both scenarios promise great sacrifice, whereas neither of them will have a detectable impact on worldwide temperatures. All pain and no gain. The article further analyses the positions of the major players in the run-up to the international climate conference in Copenhagen in December 2009. It concludes that these are so far apart that this event will most likely end in a deadlock. In that light, the author recommends the EU to reconsider its position, since it has isolated itself from the rest of the world with its costly and ineffective climate policy.  


Climate Change; Climate Policy

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