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We are happy to announce that this summer, we will be organising the annual ALF Seminar, to be held on Friday, June 8, 2018, and publishing the accompanying issue on the theme of Corporations and International Law.

In the age of globalisation and minimisation of barriers to trade, the increasing presence of corporations and their activities can be felt throughout the world. Thus corporations may fall under varying national jurisdictions and under the scope of international law. Now more than ever, corporations must ensure that they are abiding by international measures to ensure the safety and protection not only of their consumers and investors, but also of their workers and suppliers worldwide. Furthermore, certain measures must also be taken into account in consideration of the protection of the environment and natural resources. Unfortunately, there are only non binding soft laws in place to regulate the actions of multinational corporations. There is no existing hard law that establishes liability of multinationals in cases of violation of any human or environmental rights at an international level. This topic is still highly debated in a legal and political context. Hence the pressing question is whether it is time to move to uncharted waters of establishing international liability of multinationals whether in the sense of tort or criminal responsibility. We will delve deeper into this topic in our summer conference and publication.

ALF warmly encourages practitioners and academics who wish to contribute to the seminar

as panellists or with written manuscripts to contact us at

Please note that submissions must be in English (UK spelling), and submitted

electronically through ALF’s official website after completing registration.

For more information please check the section “Author Guidelines” that

can be found in the “Submission” section on, or send

an email to and we will reply as soon as possible.

Deadline for submissions for the themed issue is 31 May 2018.

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